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Please forgive me, today I am in a bit of a rush, because it’s one of those rough schedules for sports writers. I know, how tough could it be? Well, after I file this, I must get to Wilkes-Barre for the District 2 Singles Championships in Tennis and then must hurry back to Scranton for the High School Football Game of the Week between No. 1 Delaware Valley and No. 4 Scranton. So, it’s rough in terms of running around. But, I will not deny my loyal volleyball fans the Friday post ON THE BLOG.

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There are only three play dates remaining on the calendar in the Lackawanna League. There are two next week as we continue to follow the Tuesday, Thursday format. That brings us to THURSDAY, OCT. 19. That is when Dunmore (14-0) and Blue Ridge (14-1) play again in the much anticipated rematch that could decide the Lackawanna League champion.

Since last the two teams played: 



Blue Ridge

Elk Lake, W 3-0

Abington Heights, 3-2

Lackawanna Trail, W 3-0

Montrose, W 3-0

Abington Heights, W 3-0

Western Wayne, W 3-1

Montrose, W, 3-0

Mountain View, W 3-0

Western Wayne, PPD

Susquehanna, W 3-1

Mountain View, W 3-0

Forest City, W 3-1

Susquehanna, W 3-0

Lackawana Trail, W, 3-0


NOTE: The Dunmore at Western Wayne match is the final one of the regular season, scheduled for Oct. 26.



Through Oct. 12


Abington Heights’ Emma Baker (11) spikes the ball over Dunmore’s Rita Aronica (20) and Brooke Frable.
Jason Farmer / Staff Photographer





On Tuesday, Dunmore (14-0) plays Forest City (9-6) and Blue Ridge (14-1) hosts Elk Lake (1-15). Pending the outcome of those matches, which both Dunmore and Blue Ridge will be favored, they will set up the match on Thursday.

Dunmore has a one-match lead with four to play. Let’s assume the Lady Bucks maintain that advantage heading into Thursday. Blue Ridge needs a win to tie for first. However, there are no guarantees. Blue Ridge would still have a difficult match against Abington Heights the following week, and Dunmore will have that match against Western Wayne to catch up on in the schedule.

Nothing will be set in stone when the two teams play, but if Dunmore beats Blue Ridge a second time, it would have a two-match lead with two to play and would clinch at least a tie for the league title.

Any way, the long and the short of this means — I will be at Blue Ridge on Thursday for the big rematch. That is unless something comes up that would detain me.

Bigger picture — Both Dunmore and Blue Ridge are headed to their respective District 2 tournaments. Dunmore in Class 2A where the likelihood is that Holy Redeemer will be the champions of the Wyoming Valley Conference. Blue Ridge is in Class 1A and is the three-time defending champion, but will receive quite a challenge from MMI Prep this season.


Here’s a look at the playof picture:



Through Oct. 12





CLASS 4A: Delaware Valley and Wyoming Valley West are involved in a District 2-11 Subregional Playoff. If you have been following — and I know you have, wink — they are seeded based upon a power rating formula. NOTE: Delaware Valley’s win on Thursday is not included in standings.


Courtesy of




CLASS 3A: District 2 is also involved in a subregional with District 4. Six teams will qualify for the AAA tournament. Three teams will come from the WVC, one team (there are only 2 AAA schools in the LIAA) from the LIAA, one spot will be a wild card and one will come from a sub-region formed with District IV — Shamokin. District IV has a policy that their teams must have a .500 winning percentage in order to participate in postseason. In the event that Shamokin does not qualify for the subregion tournament, the WVC will get a fourth entry. The wildcard will be the next highest winning percentage of the remaining teams in AAA. For the first round, the top 2 teams will get a bye.



CLASS 2A: Six teams will qualify for the AA tournament. Two teams will come from the Wyoming Valley Conference, two teams will come from the LIAA and there will be two wildcards. If any 2A team wins their respective conference, they will
be seeded #1. If a 2A team from both the LIAA and WVC win their league, seeding will take place on winning percentage. The team with the highest winning percentage will be seeded #1 and the other will be seeded #2. In the event that both teams finish with the same winning percentage, the district tiebreaker procedure will be utilized. The rest of the seeding will be done on winning percentage. These will all be based on league record. The 2 wild cards will be the next 2 highest winning percent in the league. For the first round, the top 2 seeds will get a bye.



CLASS 1A: Since there are only 4 schools in District II, all 4 teams will be invited to participate in the District tournament.











OK, it appears that Holy Redeemer is steamrolling toward the conference championship. Now, the Royals do have a tough match against Dallas on Tuesday. So, Delaware Valley has its sights set on its own business and then the postseason. The Lady Warriors have lost only four sets all season, including three against Holy Redeemer and one against Dallas.

Delaware Valley defeated GAR, 3-0, and beat North Pocono, 3-0, last week. The Lady Warriors are led by Brooke Williams, who is having a fantastic season. She has 166 kills and 84 serving points. Liz Bobo has 57 kills. Kristin Volavka has 285 assists and 138 serving points.



Brooke Williams

Liz Bobo

Kristin Volavka




Through Oct. 12











Alexa Stanley
Blue Ridge

Had 9 kills, 7 points in win over Forest City.








Amelia Zazzera
Forest City

Had 5 kills, 6 points vs. Blue Ridge; Had 18 points in win over Elk Lake.







Jasmine McDuffie
Abington Heights

Had 10 points, 21 assists and 11 digs in win over Western Wayne; Had 10 points, 23 assists in win over Mountain View.







Skylar Murphy
Western Wayne

Had 16 points, nine aces in win over Montrose/







Sam Domzalski

Had 8 aces and 16 assists in win over Mountain View; Had 35 assists, 17 points and 7 aces in win over Susquehanna.







McKenzie Rhone

Had 9 kills, 5 blocks in win over Elk Lake; Had 5 kills, 5 blocks, 17 points against Dunmore.








Carolyn Mack
Lackawanna Trail

Had 31 points, 12 aces, 22 assists in win over Montrose.







Maddie Hughes
North Pocono

Had 13 points, 11 digs vs. Lake-Lehman.








Again, not much movement among the Top 5 teams. That Dunmore-Blue Ridge match appears to be the next one to impact the poll.





Last Rank: 1

Beat GAR, 3-0; Beat North Pocono, 3-0. Next: Saturday vs. Lake-Lehman, Tuesday at Crestwood; Thursday at Berwick.







Last Rank: 2

Beat Mountain View, 3-0; Beat Susquehana, 3-0. Next: Tuesday Tuesday vs. Forest City; Thursday at Blue Ridge.






Last Rank: 3

Beat Susquehanna, 3-1; Beat Forest City, 3-1; Beat Lackawanna Trail, 3-0. Next: Tuesday at Elk Lake; Thursday vs. Dunmore.








Last Rank: 4

Beat Montrose, 3-0; Beat Western Wayne, 3-0; Beat Mountain View, 3-0. Next: Tuesday vs. Susquehanna, Thursday at Forest City.





Last Rank: 5

Lost to Abington Heights, 3-0; Beat Montrose, 3-0. Next: Tuesday at Lackawanna Trail, Thursday at Mountain View.




Teams to watch: Forest City (9-6).





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Sorry for being so brief, but there are circumstances looming ahead for me that are going to be quite a fiasco in the bigger picture. I will share at a future date.

Until then, ENJOY!