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It is Week 2 of the high school football season in NEPA. It’s been an adjustment getting back to these early morning work sessions. Hallmark Mysteries and Movies moved Columbo to a 9 a.m. start, which has forced me to move my Command Central into the living from between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. I tried to just listen on Wednesday morning while I compiled my Lackawanna League girls tennis post, but it’s not the same. I need to watch the show to appreciate the comedic and dramatic genius of Peter Falk playing, quite frankly, my favorite television character of all time.


Here’s my Top 10 TV characters
  • 1. Lt. Columbo (Columbo)
  • 2. Sam Malone (Cheers)
  • 3. Lenny Briscoe (Law & Order)
  • 4. Det. Robert Goren (Law & Order: CI)
  • 5. Assistant DA Claire Kincaid (Law & Order)
  • 6. George Costanza (Seinfeld)
  • 7. Ben Matlock (Matlock)
  • 8. Det. Mike Logan (Law & Order)
  • 9. Judy Miller (Still Standing)
  • 10. Norm Peterson (Cheers)


See, for me, I love football. I love sports. But I have to have a life outside of sports. I pry myself away from sports as often as I can, so that I can appreciate the games for what they are when I do watch them: Events. See, with 24-hour saturation of sports, I think people just get tired of it. They get worn down. How do you think Joey Chestnut feels after downing all those hot dogs on the Fourth of July? I bet if you asked him to eat a hot dog the next day, he’d get sick. When I was growing up, sports were made up of big events. I can remember getting ready to watch every College Football Bowl game on New Year’s Day. I had three televisions going at once. Now, we have games on just about every day. It’s too much. I want to be a part of THE EVENT. I don’t need weeks of nonstop preseason coverage. I definitely don’t need a BREAKING NEWS: Cam Newton to sit out last preseason game — I mean really, is that breaking news? The way I stay interested in sports is, I spend time away from them. I watch television like it’s going to go off the air some day. Believe me, my doctor reminds me to get off the couch more often. It gives me a sense of normalcy in my life away from the grind of my job, which dictates that I spend at least 5 days, 7.5 hours in those days on sports. Honestly, it’s why, despite the volume of work and the time it takes, I like the way we do GameFace now with it being a magazine in the Friday edition of The Times-Tribune. It gives a build up and something  to look forward to each week.

So, make sure you pick up a copy of The Times-Tribune on Friday for GameFace Week 2:




Valley View running back Traon Jones leaps over Lakeland’s Jonathon Naniewicz in Week 1.
Butch Comegys / Staff Photographer





OK, looking back on Week 1 of the high school season, I guess the old adage that defense will always be ahead of the offense in the early season got thrown in the trash. Scores were coming in a rapid pace. It shows that the game certainly is evolving and let’s face it, the more people frown on the actual contact of the sport, the less contact we are going to see on the field. Listen, I can appreciate everyone’s concern about the health of our athletes, but football by its design is a physical, brutal sport. It’s full contact — well, it’s supposed to be. Coaches and trainers, and equipment makers are doing everything they can to make the game safer. I just think what the game was intended to be, will eventually erode away. And once that happens, so too will the interest, and eventually the game itself.

Any way, I digress. Getting back to my initial statement. Points came in fast and furious. Take a look at these numbers from inside the box scores:


Scoring Barrage


Valley View


Points in 7:11 of first quarter


Points in 7:18 of second quarter


Points total


Scranton Prep


Points in 7:32 of second quarter


Points in first 23:46


Points total


Old Forge


Points in 8:23 of first quarter


Points in three minutes of first quarter


Points total


North Pocono


Points in 8:17 of first quarter


Points in 8:53 of second quarter


Points total


Scranton Prep’s Matt Gilmartin runs with the ball against Abington Heights in the first half in Week 1.
Jake Danna Stevens / Staff Photographer



Also take a look at the explosiveness of the Scranton Knights:




Average yards per touchdown on 9 scores


Touchdowns of more than 65 yards


Points total



Scranton’s Rheyse Green (26), right, celebrates with teammates after scoring his third touchdown in the third quarter against Wyoming Valley West in Week 1.
Butch Comegys / Staff Photographer






Games decided by 10 points or less among the 13 that were played in Week 1.


Touchdowns scored, totaling 1,242 yards, that covered more than 50 yards by Lackawanna Football Conference athletes in Week 1.


Average margin of victory by LFC Division II teams in Week 1.


Total points scored by 11 winning teams in the LFC for an average of 39.5 points a game.

Dunmore’s Steve Borgia runs back the opening kickoff against West Scranton in Week 1.
Jake Danna Stevens / Staff Photographer



Again, I am no mathematician, but those numbers are mind-boggling. I think it’s a combination of offenses becoming more complex and the lack of contact teams have in practice any more. It’s a look into the future of football.






OK, we are moving full-steam ahead. Regular-season action in the LFC Division III is officially kicking off this week.

  • Dunmore at Lackawanna Trail
    • Dunmore won the District 2 Class 2A championship last season
    • Lackawanna Trail won the District 2 Class 1A championship last season
    • Dunmore leads the all-time series, 7-0
    • Dunmore has won 34 straight LFC Division games


There are two very important crossover games between the LFC Division I and Division II:

  • Scranton at Honesdale
    • Scranton (58) and Honesdale (38) combined for 96 points in Week 1.
    • Scranton had 526 total yards on 51 plays against Wyoming Valley West
    • Honesdale ended a 16-game losing streak with win over GAR


  • Delaware Valley at Valley View
    • Valley View set a school record with 63 points against Lakeland in Week 1
    • Delaware Valley defeated Central, Fort Pierce, Florida, a Top 25 team in Class 8A
    • Delaware Valley has win nine of the last 11 meetings in the series






A ceremony honoring former Valley View head coach and Hall of Famer Frank Pazzaglia and the late Tom Krempasky, his longtime assistant, will be held Friday before the Cougars host Delaware Valley.

Former players are being asked to arrive at the field house no later than 6:30 p.m. to present plaques at midfield.


There will also be a community salute to coach Pazzaglia on Sept. 2 at the Archbald AC Field at 3 p.m.


For additional information, visit the “Frank Pazzaglia Tribute Celebration” page on Facebook.



Pazzaglia was the first head coach at Valley View in 1969 after the jointure of Blakely, Jessup and Archbald High Schools. In his career at Valley View, his teams won 12 Big 11 championships, five Eastern Conference championships and the 1992 PIAA Class 2A championship. He had a record of 317-108-8, including undefeated teams in 1971 and 1992.


Proceeds will be used to establish a scholarship in the names of Pazzaglia and coach Krempasky.



That’s all for today.

I will be covering again:



Delaware Valley at Valley View



Lakeland at Holy Cross