This year, with the Lackawanna Football Conference expanding to four divisions, there are four Coaches’ All-star teams.

These teams were selected based upon voting from each division’s coaches ONLY.





Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division I Coaches’ All-Star Offense, include, front from left, Abington Heights’ Mike Malone, North Pocono’s Daniel Walsh, Delaware Valley’s Josh Balcarcel, North Pocono’s Donny Blaine, Wallenpaupack’s Nicholas Ruggieri, Delaware Valley’s Jason Henderson and Abington Heights’ Corey Perkins. Back, Delaware Valley’s Noah Sorrell, North Pocono’s Chase Hinton, Scranton’s Grayson Lavelle, Wallenpaupack’s Brandon King, Wallenpaupack’s Tommy Hiller, Wallenpaupack’s Josh Moore and Wallenpaupack’s Joe Ingulli.


QB: Donny Blaine | North Pocono
RB: Josh Balcarcel | Delaware Valley
RB: Nicholas Ruggieri | Wallenpaupack
FB: Jason Henderson | Delaware Valley
WR: Corey Perkins | Abington Heights
WR: Daniel Walsh | North Pocono
TE: Mike Malone | Abington Heights
T: Chase Hinton | North Pocono
T: Josh Moore | Wallenpaupack
G: Tommy Hiller | Wallenpaupack
G: Grayson Lavelle | Scranton
C: Brandon King | Wallenpaupack
Athlete: Joe Ingulli | Wallenpaupack
K: Noah Sorrell | Delaware Valley


Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division I Coaches’ All-Star Defense, include, front from left, Wallenpaupack’s J.T. Tirjan, North Pocono’s Dale Moore, North Pocono’s Tyler Motichka, Delaware Valley’s Jason Henderson, North Pocono’s Jacob Owens, North Pocono’s Daniel Walsh and Wallenpaupack’s Alex Gardsy. Back, Wallenpaupack’s Adam Haupt, Delaware Valley’s James Lynch, Delaware Valley’s Johan Valerio, Delaware Valley’s Mike Chapman, Wallenpaupack’s Chance Smith, Wallenpaupack’s Exzavier Warner and Delaware Valley’s Colin Walters.



DE: James Lynch | Delaware Valley
DE: Exzavier Warner | Wallenpaupack
DT: Johan Valerio | Delaware Valley
DT: Mike Chapman | Delaware Valley
DT: Chance Smith | Wallenpaupack
LB: Jason Henderson | Delaware Valley
LB: Colin Walters | Delaware Valley
LB: Tyler Motichka | North Pocono
LB: Jacob Owens | North Pocono
DB: Daniel Walsh | North Pocono
DB: Dale Moore | North Pocono
DB: Adam Haupt | Wallenpaupack
DB: JT Tirjan | Wallenpaupack
Athlete: Alex Gardsy | Wallenpaupack
P: Adam Haupt | Wallenpaupack
Honorable mention
FB: Manny Obeng, Wallenpaupack; T: Aaron Loihle, Delaware Valley; Athlete: Rodo Brown, Scranton; DE: Mike Malone, Abington Heights; DT: Chris Callahan, Abington Heights; LB: Darian Joseph, Wallenpaupack, Robert Spinelli, Wallenpaupack.








Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division II Coaches’ All-Star Offense, include, front from left, West Scranton’s Zakeem Quincey Vassell, Scranton Prep’s Tucker Johnson, West Scranton’s Kevin Williams, Scranton Prep’s Leo O’Boyle, Valley View’s Mason Kordish, Scranton Prep’s Michael Greco and Honesdale’s Justin LoBasso. Back, Scranton Prep’s Alec Buttner, Scranton Prep’s Daniel Belardi, Honesdale’s Alex Atcavage, Scranton Prep’s T.J. Holmes, Valley View’s Mike Sebastianelli, Valley View’s Brian Durkin and Western Wayne’s Dylan Walck.


QB: Leo O’Boyle | Scranton Prep
RB: Mason Kordish | Valley View
RB: Kevin Williams | West Scranton
FB: Tucker Johnson | Scranton Prep
WR: Michael Greco | Scranton Prep
WR: Zakeem Quincey Vassell | West Scranton
TE: Justin LoBasso | Honesdale
T: Daniel Belardi | Scranton Prep
T: Brian Durkin | Valley View
G: Mike Sebastianelli | Valley View
G: Alex Atcavage | Honesdale
C: T.J. Holmes | Scranton Prep
Athlete: Dylan Walck | Western Wayne
K: Alec Buttner | Scranton Prep


Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division II Coaches’ All-Star Defense, include, front from left Western Wayne’s Dylan Walck, Valley View’s Jaden Duplessis, West Scranton’s Jake Ciullo, Scranton Prep’s Tucker Johnson, Western Wayne’s Zane Janiszewski, Valley View’s Traon Jones, Scranton Prep’s Jakob Kenny, Scranton Prep’s Michael Grady and Western Wayne’s Kobe Sauter. Back, Valley View’s Kevin Duffy, Honesdale’s Andy Carroll, Scranton Prep’s Daniel Belardi, West Scranton’s Fushawn Liggins, Scranton Prep’s T.J. Holmes, Honesdale’s Isaiah Sims, Western Wayne’s Jack McAllister, West Scranton’s Bailey Loureiro, Valley View’s Cyler Rozina and Valley View’s Chase Combs.


DE: Daniel Belardi | Scranton Prep
DE: Kevin Duffy | Valley View
DE: Fushawn Liggins | West Scranton
DT: TJ Holmes | Scranton Prep
DT: Isaiah Sims | Honesdale
DT: Cyler Rozina | Valley View
DT: Jack McCallister | Western Wayne
DT: Bailey Loureiro | West Scranton
LB: Tucker Johnson | Scranton Prep
LB: Jakob Kenny | Scranton Prep
LB: Traon Jones | Valley View
LB: Zane Janiszewski | Western Wayne
LB: Jake Ciullo | West Scranton
DB: Michael Grady | Scranton Prep
DB: Jaden Duplessis | Valley View
DB: Dylan Walck | Western Wayne
DB: Kobe Sauter | Western Wayne
Athlete: Chase Combs | Valley View
P: Andy Carroll | Honesdale
Honorable mention
WR: Jaden Duplessis, Valley View; G: Anthony Kromko, Scranton Prep, Fushawn Liggins, West Scranton; K: Cam Ceccotti, Valley View; DE: Justin LoBasso, Honesdale; LB: Cameron Baker, Honesdale. DB: Carter Odell, Scranton Prep, Mason Spano, West Scranton; P: Zack Kovalchik, Valley View.




Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division III Coaches’ All-Star Offense, include, front from left, Lakeland’s Thomas Pidgeon, Carbondale Area’s Marino DePalma, Dunmore’s Rayshaun Dawkins, Riverside’s Johnny Gilchrist, Lakeland’s Giovanni Spataro, Riverside’s Razen Reyes, Dunmore’s Cristian Buckley and Lakeland’s Colin Walsh. Back, Riverside’s Ryan Semyon, Dunmore’s Anthony Santarsiero, Lakeland’s Jonathon Naniewicz, Lakeland’s Cross Douglas, Lakeland’s Antonio Spataro, Mid Valley’s Jason Maceyko, Carbondale Area’s Seth Arthur, Lakeland’s Robby Thomas and Mid Valley’s Zach Rebar.


QB: Johnny Gilchrist | Riverside
RB: Giovanni Spataro | Lakeland
RB: Rayshaun Dawkins | Dunmore
FB: Marino DePalma | Carbondale Area
WR: Thomas Pidgeon | Lakeland
WR: Razen Reyes | Riverside
TE: Colin Walsh | Lakeland
TE: Zach Rebar | Mid Valley
T: Anthony Santarsiero | Dunmore
T: Jonathon Naniewicz | Lakeland
T: Robby Thomas | Lakeland
G: Cross Douglas | Lakeland
G: Seth Arthur | Carbondale Area
G: Jason Maceyko | Mid Valley
C: Antonio Spataro | Lakeland
Athlete: Cristian Buckley | Dunmore
K: Ryan Semyon | Riverside


Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division III Coaches’ All-Star Defense, include, front from left, Lakeland’s Michael Pidgeon, Dunmore’s Charles Valvano, Lakeland’s Garrett Korner-Usher, Dunmore’s George Mesko, Riverside’s Kristian Pon, Lakeland’s Thomas Pidgeon. Back, Lakeland’s Billy Good, Mid Valley’s Colin Hazelton, Dunmore’s Tyler Overholtz, Lakeland’s Cross Douglas, Riverside’s Devin Coombs, Dunmore’s Anthony Santarsiero, Lakeland’s James Lewis and Dunmore’s Steve Borgia.



DE: Tyler Overholtz | Dunmore
DE: Mason Murray | Riverside
DT: Anthony Santarsiero | Dunmore
DT: Cross Douglas | Lakeland
DT: Devin Coombs | Riverside
LB: Garrett Korner-Usher | Lakeland
LB: George Mesko | Dunmore
LB: James Lewis | Lakeland
LB: Colin Hazelton | Mid Valley
DB: Thomas Pidgeon | Lakeland
DB: Charles Valvano | Dunmore
DB: Michael Pidgeon | Lakeland
DB: Kristian Pon | Riverside
Athlete: Steve Borgia | Dunmore
P: Billy Good | Lakeland
Honorable mention
QB: C.J. Dippre, Lakeland; RB: Nick Vadella, Carbondale Area; WR: Diego Rojas, Riverside; C: Anthony Lima, Riverside; DT: Seth Arthur, Carbondale Area, Jonathon Naniewicz, Lakeland, Ethan Booth, Mid Valley; LB: Marino DePalma, Carbondale Area, Billy Donvito, Dunmore, Alex Jaworski, Riverside; DB: Nick Vadella, Carbondale Area, Greg McDade, Dunmore, Aaron Killino, Mid Valley.








Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division IV Coaches’ All-Star Offense, include, front from left, Montrose’s Chucky Rohan, Holy Cross’ Jeremy Fick, Lackawanna Trail’s Nate Rolka, Lackawanna Trail’s Cody Moyle, Susquehanna’s Adam Roe, Old Forge’s Anthony Rios. Back, Old Forge’s Tommy Souriyavong, Old Forge’s Corey Berrian, Old Forge’s Adam Samitz, Old Forge’s Jacob Burkhart, Lackawanna Trail’s Jacob Brim, Lackawanna Trail’s Mark Dunckle and Old Forge’s Brett Wargo.


QB: Nate Rolka | Lackawanna Trail
RB: Jeremy Fick | Holy Cross
RB: Cody Moyle | Lackawanna Trail
FB: Adam Roe | Susquehanna
WR: Chucky Rohan | Montrose
WR: Anthony Rios | Old Forge
TE: Brett Wargo | Old Forge
T: Mark Dunckle | Lackawanna Trail
T: Corey Berrian | Old Forge
G: Jacob Brim | Lackawanna Trail
G: Adam Samitz | Old Forge
C: Jacob Burkhart | Old Forge
Athlete: Tommy Souriyavong | Old Forge
K: Nate Rolka | Lackawanna Trail


Members of the Lackawanna Football Conference Division IV Coaches’ All-Star Defense, include, front from left, Lackawanna Trail’s Nico Berrios, Lackawanna Trail’s Jordan Edwards, Lackawanna Trail’s Ray Melnikoff, Old Forge’s Colin Holzman, Old Forge’s Adam Samitz, Susquehanna’s Sam Cosmello, Susquehanna’s Mason Deakin. Back, Old Forge’s Anthony Rios, Montrose’s Michael Brennan, Old Forge’s Brett Wargo, Holy Cross’ Anthony Scartelli, Lackawanna Trail’s Mark Dunckle, Old Forge’s Jonathan Nicholoff, Lackawanna Trail’s Zac Cost and Old Forge’s Tommy Souriyavong.



DE: Zac Cost | Lackawanna Trail
DE: Brett Wargo | Old Forge
DT: Anthony Scartelli | Holy Cross
DT: Mark Dunckle | Lackawanna Trail
DT: Jonathan Nicholoff | Old Forge
LB: Ray Melnikoff | Lackawanna Trail
LB: Michael Brennan | Montrose
LB: Colin Holzman | Old Forge
LB: Adam Samitz | Old Forge
LB: Sam Cosmello | Susquehanna
DB: Jordan Edwards | Lackawanna Trail
DB: Nico Berrios | Lackawanna Trail
DB: Anthony Rios | Old Forge
DB: Mason Deakin | Susquehanna
Athlete: Tommy Souriyavong | Old Forge
P: Zac Cost | Lackawanna Trail
Honorable mention
QB: Dante Lucarelli, Old Forge; RB: Kevin Pepsin, Old Forge, Sam Cosmello, Susquehanna; FB: Ray Melnikoff, Lackawanna Trail; TE: Zac Cost, Lackawanna Trail; G: Matt Herne, Holy Cross; C: Nick Klein, Holy Cross; DE: Gavin Baker, Susquehanna; DB: Jake Wiercinski, Holy Cross.