Scranton’s Ky’Ron Harbin joined very elite company this week when he was named Athlete of the Week for the fourth straight school year. This was his first as a football player. The 18-year-old also has been AOW twice for track and field and once for basketball.

You’ve had such incredible success in everything you do — a four-time Athlete of the Week in three different sports — and a multiple state medal winner in track and field, what’s your best sport? I’m always going to feel like basketball is my best, but everyone says I could play football, basketball or run track. I’m just going to have to see what I can get the best from for college.

After high school, are you thinking maybe a school where you could play more than one sport? If I could play more than one sport in college, that would be great. But right now I’m trying to get what’s best for me.

What expectations did you have for the team before the season started? Did you think you’d be unbeaten at this point? Everybody came in fresh, everybody was ready to play. We came in with our heads high and were hoping for the best for the season, and hopefully we could have a positive season and an increase wins from last season.

What’s been your favorite part of playing this year? Just being on the field again. It’s kind of cool, kind of like being home, because this a was the first sport that I played. It’s a good feeling. We’re just hoping for the best.

A couple weeks ago against Valley View, you made one of the best catches I’ve ever seen by a guy not named Odell Beckham Jr. A leap and one-handed grab for a two-point conversion. Are people still coming up and saying what a great grab it was? Kids from other schools, whenever I see them outside of school, they tell me they saw that catch on Twitter, or they saw that catch on Facebook. It’s kind of cool people still coming up to me and saying that.

Anyone on the team ask you to come out and play this season? Most of the kids on the team are from the same pee-wee team, so we all grew up together and they’ve been telling me since freshman year they want me to get back on the field and play. They pushed me and I’m glad I played, and they did what they did.

I know when we talked during track season, you told me you were a Boston Celtics and Red Sox fan. Any other teams? I’ve always liked the Indianapolis Colts, ever since I knew about football. And I like Penn State football. We Are.

Any football players you admire? Even though he’s a quarterback, I admire (Louisville’s) Lamar Jackson. I feel like I play like him a lot and when he runs the ball, I feel like I run like him. I just have fun with it.

Superstitions or rituals? Me and my teammates we get hyped, we listen to a lot of music. What’s the number-one pre-game song? Yah Dig by MadeinTYL.