Good Tuesday to you all.

Just an update, I still have muffled hearing and my right ear is throbbing. I am assured that the antibiotic will work, but we shall see. This appears to be more serious than I thought.

Still, I got up early and hit the road for my annual Wayne County visits. Normally, my good man Herb Smith would be riding shotgun, but he is just back from a week on the beach, and the fall sports seasons begin later this week and early next, so we are all crunching the work these days. I will miss our annual lunch, and quite frankly, I am not very good company these days with this ear. Just ask my daughters. But I still managed to eat at the Deli Central, and Herb can rest easy knowing my Italian Combo was delicious!

Also, I was able to sneak in cutting the grass Monday in between trips. It only took a record 45 minutes, so let’s call that my lunch break of the tour!

By the way, I can’t thank the high school football fans enough. So far, the videos on my Facebook page, Joby Fawcett, The Times-Tribune, have now surpassed 25,000 views. In addition, Monday’s clips for Abington Heights, Riverside and Scranton Prep all eclipsed 1,000 views on the first day posted. This is why I take this tour every year. Thank you all for the support.


Oh and make sure you get a copy of The Times-Tribune for stories on Day 6. …






Visit No. 1

First stop is Honesdale, where my former track and field teammate and longtime friend, Mike Jurkowski is the head coach. I have been hearing a lot about this big guy up at Honesdale. A large young lineman who is drawing the interest of several colleges. So, I eagerly traveled to the Hornets’ Nest. Also, it’s nice to see Allen “Butch” Keller back as an assistant coach with the program he built into a championship team in the Suburban Conference in the 1980s.



Visit No. 2

Wallenpaupack followed after a light lunch. They say to have a little food with an antibiotic, so that’s what I did. The Buckhorns have to be considered one of the top teams in the LFC this season. Coach Mark Watson’s team has size, speed and experience. I know most of the lineup will be juniors, but these kids started and played well as sophomores. It should be exciting by the lake this season.



Visit No. 3

The Western Wayne Wildcats are still beaming over a 6-5 season in 2016 under coach Randy Wolff. There are several holdovers from that team and let’s be honest, the Wildcats were the second-best team in District 2 Class 3A last season, despite not making the postseason. Scranton Prep won it and beat GAR, which lost to Western Wayne in the regular season. The Wildcats were haunted by an early season loss to Carbondale Area and really hurt by a Wyoming Valley Conference schedule that didn’t compare to what they faced in the LFC Division II. Still, the season ended on a high note with a win in the Eastern Conference Class 3A playoff game.






Honesdale’s Alex Atcavage.





OK, Honesdale wants to put 2016 behind it quickly. Yes, the Hornets were 0-10 in their first season having to play in a division that had opponents in the same classification as it in a long time. But the team has some outstanding players returning. In fact, no team in the LFC has as many returning starters as Honesdale. Also, they have one of the biggest group of players I have seen.

Take a look!


Fee Fi Fo Fum


Now, I am only 5-7, but look at these four guys!


Just for the record, let’s take a look at the size of these players:


Isiah Sims


6 – 5



Ken Huber


6 – 6



Alex Atcavage


6 – 5



Walker Carney


6 – 4





This will be an important season for Alex Atcavage. Big-time programs are already looking at him. He just turned 16, so there is a very high ceiling with this kid, who really ran well during my visit. Has a good head on his shoulders too.









Wallenpaupack put a lot of stock into a talented sophomore class which when it was on the freshman level, competed for the LFC Division I championship. Four of the backs who accounted for 1,758 rushing yards return this season. That is a big number. With some size up front, the Buckhorns should compete for the LFC Division I crown.






Here are the guys who will be blocking for those backs:


Running wild










Western Wayne is working toward continuing its swing upward. After an Eastern Conference playoff berth in 2014 and another in 2016, the Wildcats are starting re-energize the program. Last season, they finished 6-5 and won the Eastern Conference playoff game against Meyers. There are several key players returning this season.


Wildcats wins per season since 2004





Western Wayne’s line


One of the standout linemen is guard Anthony Merone. Now he was a starter on defense as a sophomore and had 54 tackles for the Wildcats, but he is expected to be a big contributor on offense this season.








It is the FINALE!

Tomorrow is the final day of my eighth tour Around the Camps. I will visit with Montrose and Carbondale Area.

That will be a visit, photos, stories, videos, and blog posts for all 20 LFC teams. Can I make it? We shall see!

Catch you Wednesday.