The senior running back had 228 yards on 46 carries and two touchdowns and a 20-yard reception on 4th-and-19 on the game-winning drive to help No. 2 Scranton Prep stay undefeated with a 35-34 win over No. 5 Valley View.
Other sports you play: I played basketball until my sophomore year.
Favorite sports teams: Penn State football and the Green Bay Packers
Three people you’d like to have dinner with? Martin Luther King Jr., Saquon Barkley, Allen Iverson.
You carried the ball a school-record 46 times and had 36 carries in a game earlier this season. How are you able to handle such a high workload in the backfield? I just kind of did it for my team and whatever coach tells me to do, I’ll do. I just do that for all my brothers on my team.
Speaking of brotherhood, you guys were playing for your teammates Luke and Tucker Johnson, who lost their father last week. How close are you guys in the locker room? We’re all really close, especially with this tragic loss. But we all came together and played for each other, and especially played for Luke and Tucker.
When you’re going into a big game against a team like No. 5 Valley View, what’s your mentality and what’s the prep going into a big game like that? You have to have a good week of practice leading up to the game for sure, and you have to just give it everything you’ve got every single play.
Your team was down pretty much the whole game Saturday. How were you able to keep so calm under pressure? A lot of the kids on our team have experience, especially from last year in the playoffs when we were down and we never gave up. So that kind of just followed up with this year, the same mentality to never give up no matter what the score is.
How are you going to take this victory and propel it into the rest of the season? We’re definitely happy with the win, but we made some mistakes and we have to fix those and get better every single week.
How did you get into football? Basketball originally was my favorite sport up until sophomore year. I just worked really hard sophomore year and had a pretty successful year and just loved it ever since.
Was there anything that sparked your interest in moving toward football? Not being that tall kind of caught up with me with basketball, and football with playing running back you could be whatever height you want, especially smaller is kind of better so that really helped. I think I’m just more of a football player, especially with my mentality.
What are you watching on TV? I watch Prison Break, Family Guy and South Park.
Post-graduation plans? I’m not really sure where I want to go to college yet, but I definitely want to go into the business field and see where it takes me from there.