The Dunmore sophomore had six tackles and two pass breakups on defense; returned three punts for 65 yards; had six yards rushing and six yards receiving in a 23-20 win over Ligonier Valley in the PIAA Class 2A quarterfinals. Here’s more from his interview with staff writer Scott Walsh.
Other sports you play: Baseball, basketball
Athletes you admire: Robinson Cano. For the passion he brings to the game and how smooth he is.
Favorite sports teams: Dallas Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals, New York Yankees
Superstitions and rituals: I make sure the top of my socks are not folded.
After your defense allowed the first touchdown, it didn’t yield a first down for 29 minutes. Talk about that effort: The defensive line and linebackers did a great job stopping the run and keeping the quarterback in the pocket. The defensive backs did the rest of the work. We knocked a lot of balls down and made a lot of plays. We keyed on (Jackson) Daugherty and Tutino. We were well-prepared throughout the week for this and it paid off.
Did you expect the team to have the success it has had this season? I did. Our coaches do a great job in the offseason and prepare us well for every week’s opponent. Especially this game. Ligonier had a lot of athletes and they prepared us well.
Expectations are always high at Dunmore. How do you handle that? We’re getting everybody’s best game throughout the league and however far we go. They know Dunmore is a winning team and they’re going to put up their best fight. So we have to put up our best fight in order to come out with the victory.
Thoughts on facing Southern Columbia in the state semifinals: They have good athletes. It’s going to take a great week of preparation for a good outcome in the game Friday night.
Three people I’d like to have dinner with: Dak Prescott, LeBron James, Jordan Spieth
Post-graduation plans: I’m very interested in being an architectural engineer. When I was around my house being built, I liked the blueprints. I want to be able to design things, houses and buildings one day. If the opportunity to play a sport in college comes, I would like to. But it’s hard to get that opportunity.
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