It was the classic trap game. Sandwiched in between a big win over Scranton Prep and with a huge showdown against Berwick for Valley View was a matchup with Honesdale. But thanks to the efforts of Janaasah Boone, the Cougars didn’t overlook the Hornets.
The junior quarterback ran for 136 yards and two touchdowns and passed for 137 yards and two scores in a 35-14 win that improved Valley View to 5-0 overall.
Here is more from Boone’s Athlete of the Week interview:

Other sports I play: Basketball, wrestling, track
Favorite teams: Oregon football, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia 76ers
Athletes I admire: Lamar Jackson. I feel like I kind of play his style. On the go all the time. Kind of like a wide receiver who can play quarterback. Also Barry Sanders, because of how shifty he was. I go back and watch highlights of him.
Favorite food: I’m lactose-intolerant, so I don’t get a big choice. But my favorite food is pizza.
Superstitions and rituals: I always wear a white leg sleeve on my left leg. Our team has game socks, but I never have them on. I wear white Nike ankle socks. And I always eat a blueberry bagel before every game and two bananas.

How did you and your teammates make sure to not look past Honesdale? Before the game, coach (George Howanitz) saw that some of us thought it was going to be a breeze. But he got us in the locker room and told us, ‘If you think this is going to be a walk in the park, they’re going to come out and smack you in the face, just like they did last year in the beginning of the game.’ That kind of woke everybody up and we came out and played out game.
Describe your 21-yard touchdown pass to Jaden Duplessis in the second quarter that gave you a 28-0 halftime lead: Dylan Howanitz came into the huddle and said that (assistant coach) Scot Wasilchak said to throw it to Jaden Duplessis on the route that he ran. I just sat back in the pocket and waited for him to get open.
As quarterback, do you prefer running the ball or throwing the ball? I like to throw, but I like to run, too. That’s why they put me back there, I guess. Let me choose what I want to do. They say all the time that I can improvise if something happens.

Three people I’d like to have dinner with: My grandpa Sylvester Garner, aka Grandpa Chubb; Lamar Jackson; Kevin Hart
Post-graduation plans: I do want to play football in college. I’d like to study marine biology. I love the water.