It appeared as if Dunmore would take a two-touchdown lead into the locker room at halftime of its DIstrict 2 Class 2A final against Carbondale Area. But Gavin Darcy had other ideas.

The senior quarterback threw a pair of touchdown passes in the final minute of the first half to extend the Bucks’ lead to 28-0 on their way to a 35-8 victory that gave them their third district 2A title in a row and fourth straight district title overall.

Darcy finished 11 for 18 passing for 196 yards and two touchdowns to earn Athlete of the Week honors. Here’s more from his interview:

Other sports I play: Track and field
Athletes I admire: Andreas Thorkildsen. He’s a Norwegian javelin thrower. I admire him because his form is similar to mine. I enjoy watching videos of him on YouTube throwing. Then I try to replicate my throws after his.
Favorite foods: I like sushi and I like burritos.
Superstitions and rituals: For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I got a pink wristband to wear. I did good during that month, so I’ve just worn it into November. I think it’s a good-luck charm. Also, I have to listen to the song “Misunderstood” by PnB Rock before every game with (teammate) Joe Talutto.

Describe your 21-yard TD pass to Steve Borgia as time expired in the first half to make it 28-0: That play took a little longer to develop. I had to wait a little longer than I would have liked to in the pocket, but Carbondale played great defense on that play. I just trusted Steve and knew he would most likely come down with the catch if I threw it up there. I knew time was going to expire, so I gave it a chance. Steve made an amazing catch, one of the best catches I’ve seen.
Dunmore has been known as a running team, but this season you’ve been throwing the ball more. How nice has that been? It’s great. It keeps the defense guessing, they never know what going to happen. In the past, they knew it was a run probably 90 percent of the time. Now, it’s almost split up 50-50. It’s good that we always keep the defense guessing. I’m just really happy where we are with our passing game right now.

After graduation, you are going to Penn State for track and field to throw the javelin. How did you come to that decision? Penn State has a fairly new (throwing) coach, coach (Lucais) MacKay. He’s a great javelin coach. Penn State was second-best in the nation for the javelin last year with Michael Shuey throwing, I think, 78 meters, which is almost Olympic qualifying. So watching him do that, he did the same

Dunmore’s Gavin Darcy throws the javelin during the PIAA Track and Field State Championship at Shippensburg University on Friday, May 26, 2017.
Christopher Dolan / Staff Photographer

throw I did in high school his senior year. So comparing him and me and seeing how far he’s come since high school, it gives me a sense of confidence I can do the same thing. I just want to improve like he has and I think Penn State is the way that I will be able to.
Other schools you were looking at? Northeastern. I went on an unofficial visit to Yale. Brown has a really good throwing program, they were looking at me, too. William & Mary also.
Do you know what you’re going to major in? Something in business or advertising. But I think I’m going to go in as undecided.

How did you get started throwing the javelin? I’ve been a quarterback most of my football career. When I got moved up to the varsity track team my freshman year to run the 400, I was looking at the throwing events and javelin stuck out to me. So I thought I’d try it. My dad and I looked for trainers and we found a javelin coach about an hour away from us. So I started going to him and just progressed from there. I threw 160 feet my freshman year, so I knew I had a chance to get pretty good at it. NOTE: In the spring, Darcy won the Class 2A title at the PIAA Track and Field Championships in Shippensburg.
Similarities and differences between throwing a football and throwing the javelin? They’re similar in ways, but definitely different in other ways. A lot of the power comes from your legs. People confuse it with just having a strong arm. But a lot of it is full-body power. As long as you can get power into an object, that’s the key to throwing anything far. That’s where I think they’re similar. Training for one helps with the other.

Three people I’d like to have dinner with: My girlfriend Ione Fetsko, YouTuber Jeffree Star, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck