A major snowstorm three weeks before the baseball season starts — it’s not what you want.

Just ask Scranton Prep senior catcher Kyler McAllister:

Even better, Riverside’s Nick Sottile then summing up everyone’s feelings in two characters:

Winter storm Stella showed up just in time to ruin a good thing. We had three weeks to go until the opening games. Three weeks. What makes this doubly worse is that stretch of near-70-degree weather that teased the region a few months ago. I mean, I drove from Scranton to Binghamton with my windows down one of those days.

Maybe, from now on, Lackawanna League baseball teams should be ready to play at a moment’s notice after the new year. Got a week in early February with no snow on the ground and temperatures in the mid-30s? Perfect. Get Scranton and West Scranton out there for their three-game series. (Note: It’ll be difficult to make sure pitchers are ready to go that early, so they might need to throw underhand. Or maybe we put a uniform and a hat on a pitching machine — I don’t know, we’ll figure that out when we get there). Option 2: Teams look into in-field heating. They can do it in bathroom floors now, so I see no reason — other than, you know, the astronomical price tag — why they can’t throw something together for an outfield. Option 3: PNC Field gets a retractable roof. Doesn’t even need to be a real roof. Remember that design for a possible Tampa Bay Rays stadium where a giant sail would cover the field when needed? Let’s do that.

For now, teams will just have to wait out the storm, wait until the snow melts and then wait until the fields dry.

All by April 3.


So, how’s the weather look for the next few weeks? This is from AccuWeather:

AccuWeather’s long-range forecast.

Forty-nine degrees or warmer nine of the next 19 days? Sign us up. I think we’d even be OK with just that 57-and-sunny March 27 and that 64-and-cloudy March 29 coming to fruition.

The Weather Channel doesn’t paint as pretty of a picture, however:

The Weather Channel’s long-term forecast.

Not great, but not horrible either.

It’ll get warmer eventually and baseball games will be played eventually. Fields in this area always push it to the last minute in terms of readiness anyway, so really, this year is nothing out of the ordinary.

But we were so close this time.

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That first picture of Scranton High School’s field was taken a few winters ago.