It’s pretty easy to tell how competitive Mason and Dixon Black are with each other. I asked them a couple questions about who’s the better video game player and, well, the debate sort of spiraled out of control with each brother claiming to be superior. Here’s the Valley View star baseball players — Mason, the senior ace, and Dixon, the sophomore slugger — taking a deeper dive into their friendly sibling rivalry.

TT: Who’s the better athlete?
Mason: Him.
Dixon: I think I’m the better athlete because I play baseball and basketball. He’s just a one-sport wonder.

TT: Who’s the better pitcher?
Mason: Me.
Dixon: Definitely him. He’s got more command. Definitely has more velocity, but he controls his pitches, which is his best attribute.

TT: Who’s the better hitter?
Mason: Him.
Dixon: That’s a tough one. I think he’s more of a situational hitter. Puts the ball in play. But I think we both have our strengths a weaknesses. (Dixon shakes his head and points to himself, signaling his real answer)

TT: Who’s smarter?
Dixon: In the classroom? Definitely him in the classroom. He’s very, very smart.
Mason: Me.

TT: Who’s better at Fortnite?
Mason: Me. Got to be me. It’s got to be me. I know he’ll say him, but don’t let him fool you.
Dixon: Oh my gosh, me. He talks a big game, but then once he gets out there, starts gripping the sticks, he’s always letting the team down.

TT: Faster?
Mason: That’s a tough one. I’ll say me. No, no, no. Him. I don’t run.
Dixon: Definitely me. He’s slow.

TT: Who talks more trash?
Mason: Definitely me. Who’s more confident and cocky? Probably me.
Dixon: Definitely him.

TT: Who can beat who up right now?
Mason: I beat him up. We haven’t fought in a while though. It’s been very mellow.
Dixon: He’s got about 15 pounds on me right now, but he’s a year and a half older. Give it some time, and I’ll be putting him down.

TT: Strongest?
Dixon: Mason.
Mason: Yeah.

TT: Funniest?
Mason: Dixon.
Dixon: I’m more of a quick thinker kind of, goofy, funny.

TT: Bigger complainer?
Mason: Neither.
Dixon: Unless we’re talking about school or something.
Mason: Oh yeah, if it’s school, it’s him.

TT: Best dressed?
Mason: I have to say me.
Dixon: Yeah, I honestly don’t care what I look like.

TT: Who has the bigger appetite?
Dixon: That goes either way. We eat a lot.
Mason: Our mom owns a restaurant, so we just go down there and eat every single food option that they have available.

TT: Who’s more competitive?
Mason: I can’t say. I think that’s a tie.
Dixon: I don’t know. I think it depends on what it is.
Mason: Yeah. In baseball?
Dixon: I think it’s about the same.
Mason: Yeah. Video games, it’s me.
Dixon: What’d you say?!
Mason: When I’m beating him in MLB 2K-anything …
Dixon: No, 2K11 …
Mason: 2K11, he created everyone …
Dixon: You created everyone, too, so let’s not leave that out. Everybody was created, and I used to destroy him.
Mason: After that year, no more.
Dixon: We never bought MLB again, that’s why.

Valley View takes on District 4 champ Lewisburg in the first round of the PIAA Class 4A tournament today at Central Columbia High School in Espy. First pitch is set for 3:30 p.m.


Valley View’s Mason and Dixon Black. Christopher Dolan / Staff Photographer