At the Les Richards Championships, Scranton junior swimmer Nick Drouse won four gold medals. He captured the 50-yard freestyle, tying his brother Aidan’s school record of 21.69 seconds, and broke his school record in the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:00.41. He also was part of the victorious 200-yard medley and 200-yard free relay teams.

Here’s more from Nick’s interview:

Other sports I play: Track and field, soccer
Athletes I admire: Michael Phelps. He’s just a great swimmer, puts in a lot of hard work. Steph Curry, too.

Nick Drouse, Scranton swimming, athlete of the week for Monday, Feb. 18, 2019.
Christopher Dolan / Staff Photographer

Favorite food: Hot wings
Superstitions and rituals: Not really. I enjoy listening to music before swim races and stretch out. That’s pretty much it.
Three people I’d like to have dinner with: Michael Phelps, just to see how much he eats. Michael Jordan. Odell Beckham Jr.

When you were swimming the 50 free, could you sense you were on a record pace? You definitely feel like you’re going faster than you were before. I felt like there was a big wave from behind pushing me in the 50. Everyone was so close to get each other, I just tried to get out in front of the wave. Just like I was gliding.
What was your brother’s reaction to you tying his record? He thought it was pretty funny to have it down to the dot. You know he’s going to try to reclaim the record for himself. He won’t get it back. If he does, I’ll take it back again.
Do you guys have a sibling rivalry? Needle each other about records? We don’t really go back and forth about records. The majority of it is him. Hopefully, especially this year, I can step up and take a few of them off. Most of the rivalry with him goes on at practice. I see him pushing himself harder and I’ll try to do that myself.
Are you relishing the last few times you get to swim with him this year before he graduates? Next year is going to be tough. The whole relay team is going to be gone. It’s nice to have them now for one more district meet and hopefully we’ll go to states. Just spread out the time as long as possible before they leave.
How does your performance at the Les Richards meet set you up for districts? It gives me a good view of where my competition is at as well. It helps me look at what I need to do and how much harder I need to work to continue to drop time even more and hopefully make states.
Goals for the postseason: In the 100 breaststroke, I want to break one minute. That was my goal at Les Richards, but I’m stuck at a barrier. I’ve been hitting a minute for a while now. I just need to get faster on my turns.
Not only is your brother on the team, but your dad Dave is Scranton’s coach. What’s that like? It’s pretty cool. I get to bring my family everywhere I go. At times, it can not be a good thing. When you get criticism from your coach, it’s also criticism from your dad. But we all helped each other. In the end it’s a good thing.
Post-graduation plans: I’d like to study criminal justice. Ever since I was little, being a cop just always interested me. I’d like to continue swimming in college.