In three wins, the junior pitcher posted 21 scoreless innings, allowed just five hits and struck out 40 to help the Lady Meteors clinch the Lackawanna League Division IV title.
She tossed a four-hit shutout with 15 strikeouts against Blue Ridge and hurled a no-hitter with 12 strikeouts against Elk Lake. Then, she was one strike away from a perfect game against Susquehanna when Brittany Burlingame spoiled the bid with a two-out double. She struck out the next batter — her 13th of the game — to finish off the one-hit shutout.

Here is more of Guinane’s interview:

How many years have you been playing softball? I started when I was in third grade. A lot of my older friends played, so that’s how I got into it. Back then, I actually was a catcher. I loved to catch. Then between sixth and seventh grade, I switched to pitching and as soon as I started pitching, I loved it. Being a former catcher, has that helped you at all with your pitching? It helped me with my fielding and my hand-eye coordination. It also helped me learn how to work with my catchers better. I know what they’re seeing from their point of view.

When you’re in the middle of pitching a perfect game or a no-hitter, are you aware of it? If so, how do you handle it? The Elk Lake game, I don’t think anyone said anything because we were so caught up in worrying about winning that game. The Susquehanna game, a couple girls said it. I didn’t know it until then. I was just, ‘Three outs an inning. Three outs an inning.’ I knew there wasn’t a lot of hitting going on, but I wasn’t thinking about it. Then I realized it, but when I got on the field I didn’t even think about it.

Toughest hitter you’ve faced. Lackawanna Trail’s Sam Baltrusaitis. She’s got one of the best bats. Last time we faced them, me, my coach and my catcher had a discussion whether or not to walk her. We ended up not and I had to be really careful what pitches I threw her. She’s a really good player.