The Scranton senior had three pins and a major decision, including his 100th win Tuesday in the Knights’ Division I victory over Wallenpaupack and his second straight Lackawanna League crown Saturday. Here’s more from his interview: 

Age: 17
Family: Mom, Carole; Dad, Mike; sister, Rebecca
Three people you’d like to have dinner with: Dan Gable, Cael Sanderson, Kyle Dake
Favorite sports teams: Penn State and Iowa wrestling
Favorite food: Pizza, Mexican food, Krispy Kreme
Athlete you admire: Dan Gable
What do you admire about him? He was just an outstanding wrestler, outstanding coach. He knew what he was doing. He knew how to help his wrestlers, develop them.
Superstitions or rituals? A lot of times I wear socks that I bought off of Ronnie Perry at Lock Haven wrestling camp. He was a national finalist last year from Lock Haven. I went to their camp and he was there.
When you’re going into your match where you can get your 100th win, what are you thinking? Are there any nerves? I try to block it out and just wrestle.
What are you looking to accomplish this season? At least a state medal. The higher I get, the better. If I could get that title in, though, that’s the ultimate goal, but getting to states is first. Then, we medal. Focus on that. Once we get a medal secured, then we focus on moving up the podium.
How did you get into wrestling? I started it in second grade. I kind of started for one because my dad wrestled. He was a state finalist his senior year in Iowa. And I kind of wanted something to do.
What do you like most about wrestling? It prepares you for a lot of rigors in life. It prepares you for a lot of scenarios. It gets you in shape.
What’s the best part about wrestling at Scranton? The best part is getting to know not only my friends and teammates on the team, but people I’ve trained with in the summer that I’ve become friends with.
Who’s the most famous person you’ve met? It might be Cael Sanderson. I met him at a Penn State camp when I was in middle school I think. It was pretty neat. A lot of people from my club, Mat Assassins, went there that year and that’s the only year I went with them. I won a takedown tournament on the last day of the camp and I got my picture taken with him.
Do you have any plans for after high school? I’d like to go to college. About wrestling in college, it depends on a lot of things like how I feel. I want to focus mainly on academics because that’s where my future lies. Because I don’t think I’m quite good enough to be able to wrestle for a living.
What academically are you looking to get into? Probably math and science related stuff. That’s my strength.
What’s the last movie you watched? A Christmas Carol
Do you watch any TV? I don’t really watch much TV. Maybe The Big Bang Theory once in a while.