The Scranton Prep senior had three goals and four assists, including on the game-winner in a 10-9 victory over Delaware Valley. He added four goals and two assists in a 7-5 win over Dallas.
Here’s more from Hinton’s interview:
Age: 18
Family: Mother, Terri; dad, Tim; sisters, Sara and Emily; brother, John
Other sports you play: Golf
Favorite teams: Philadelphia 76ers and Penn State football
Favorite food: Watermelon
Three people you’d like to have dinner with: One would be my deceased grandfather, Vincent Guinee. He was a colonel in the Marines, so I’d just love to have a conversation with him going to ROTC and stuff like that. Kind of an inspiration. Also, Arnold Palmer. He’s just done so much for the game of golf. He was just a great guy. Everybody loved him. Kind of just revolutionized the whole game. And Bruce Springsteen. I listen to him a lot. I just think he’s a cool guy.

Athletes you admire: I kind of base my game off of Sergio Perkovic, who played lacrosse for Notre Dame; and Ryan Brown, who played lacrosse for Johns Hopkins. They both play in the pros now. In golf, I admire Jordan Spieth just like his intensity on the course.
What’s it like playing lacrosse at Scranton Prep? The kids on lacrosse, they’re basically all my best friends. We’ll go out to eat after practice or something like that. Joe Pettinato, Charles Farrell, Luke Johnson, Greg Fisher, all these guys are just my best friends and they have been for so long. I’ve been playing with them basically as long as my lacrosse career has been. I think our offense has just been really clicking lately attributed to that cohesiveness on the team. We’re not selfish at all. We just kind of look for the open man. Anybody on the team could have had as many goals as I had the past couple games. It’s just I was in the right spot at the right time.
You’ve been very involved in the offense your first two games piling up points and assists. What is your role on the team? I think anybody on the offense can really score. I think I serve as a primary goal scorer on the offense. I do take a lot of shots, but I think really anybody could score on the offense. I think everyone’s kind of a threat. I think that’s just due to our defense, getting stops and getting the ball back on offense and Kyle Reihner our goalie has just been playing awesome. He’s playing at the next level in two years at (University of) Mount Union. He’s just keeping the ball in the offense and the longer you keep the ball in the offense, the more goals you score. Also, due to our success is coach (Jon) Knowles. He’s tough on us, but the program’s only been here for six years and we’ve already been this successful. I think his emphasis on accountability and discipline and leadership really served the success of the program.
You’ve had to come from behind in your first two games and you’ve outscored your opponents, 7-1, in the fourth quarter. Against Delaware Valley, we actually came out pretty strong and then we lost Greg Fisher in the second quarter because of that one hit. Then, we lost in the third quarter and we were down, 8-5. In the fourth quarter we got a second wind and we just started playing great. Our coach actually said to the other coach, ‘We stopped calling plays because you guys were just playing great on offense.’ We were just moving the ball around, looking for each other, people were cutting and that just ended up working out great. And the same thing against Dallas, too. We did not come out well in that game. We were down, 3-1, early and in the fourth quarter we just showed up and we got the win there.
How was your preparation leading up to the season to have this start? Coach Knowles is tough. He’s a tough coach. He makes us run a lot, but it’s necessary and at the end of the games you kind of see that. Maybe some other teams get tired at the end of games, but we don’t. We’ve kind of been preparing for this since before the season. Just being in the gym running lap after lap and doing sprints, suicides, but I think it’s all necessary and I think coach has done a great job with that.
How did you get started in lacrosse? I was always a baseball player when I was younger. I think I started (playing lacrosse) in sixth grade. One of my best friends introduced the game of lacrosse to me. His dad was kind of running the program, so he said, ‘Why don’t you come out and play?’ I was like, ‘OK, I’ll try it.’ And I didn’t really like it. I played it from like sixth grade to eighth grade. I was coming to Prep and I thought I was just going to play baseball and then last minute I kind of wanted to play lacrosse. So, I played baseball and lacrosse for probably three or four years together and I had to choose one. And I chose lacrosse and I think it’s worked out pretty well.
Do you have any other hobbies? I’ve played a bunch of sports at Prep. I’ve played basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, wrestling. I’ve done all the sports. I still play around with those things in my free time, but golf and lacrosse are my two main things and they have been for a while now.
Post-graduation plans: I just recently accepted a four-year ROTC scholarship and I think I’m going to take it at Clemson University or Fordham University.
What do you see in those colleges that makes you want to go there? Clemson would be cool. South Carolina weather would be great. Football games would be awesome. I went down there and visited a couple weeks ago and I loved it. I still need to go visit Fordham. I think I’m doing that next weekend. I remember I walked on the campus a couple years ago and it was nice. But I’m leaning a little bit more toward Clemson now.
What are you watching on TV right now? I try to catch all the good college lacrosse games. (Johns) Hopkins-Duke, North Carolina-Virginia. I’m playing Fortnite, the video game.
What’s the last movie you saw? The new Jumanji movie with The Rock and Kevin Hart. It was pretty funny.