Scranton junior swimmer Aidan Drouse earned a pair of individual gold medals in the 200-yard freestyle and 100 backstroke, and helped the Knights to two relay victories at the Les Richards Championship swim meet Saturday. Earlier in the week, he also had four wins in a loss to Abington Heights.
Here is more from Drouse’s Athlete of the Week interview:

Three people you’d like to have dinner with: Elon Musk, rapper Travis Scott and Stanley Kubrick.
Team you follow: Green Bay Packers
Superstitions or rituals before a meet: I just blast rap music in my headphones before I race.
Most famous person you’ve met? Joby Fawcett
How does it feel to be able to compete alongside your brother? It’s awesome. I can’t say I would be where I’m at without him today because we both work with each other in the pool and we’re both so competitive at home and in the pool. We just kind of bounce back and forth like if he’s swimming hard one day and I’m not that pushes me to swim harder than him and vice versa.

What sparked your interest in swimming? My dad has been a swimming coach since before I was born. It’s actually a pretty funny story. When I was 5 years old I practiced one day, did backstroke, one lap, got water up my nose, quit and said I was never doing this again. And then the next year I came back to give it another try and just because obviously my dad said, ‘C’mon, you can do this.’ It was just a bunch of pushing from my family members.

Was there anything in particular about it that made you really get into it? Yeah, we have a record board at our pool and when I started getting the 8 and under records I kind of fell in love with seeing these goals in front of me and being able to accomplish them.
How are you able to balance all the events you do in a swim meet? The minute I get out from doing my last race, I’ve got to start focusing on my next one. I’ve just got to be ready all the time and be prepared to swim my next race. If I had a bad time, I can’t think about that while I’m swimming my next event because that’s just going to lead to another bad time.
What’s your favorite event to swim? The 100 freestyle. It doesn’t take as long as the 200. It’s cut in half, obviously. I think sprinting is more fun than distance because you don’t have to pace yourself.
Last year you earned four gold medals at the same event. How cool is it to come back to this event and earn another four gold medals? It’s awesome especially because we lost one of our stronger links of our relays. For our relay to be able to pick the kid who’s next up, he really took this year seriously and worked his butt off. So, we really wouldn’t have been able to pick up the two golds we did (Saturday) without that.
What are your plans for after high school? I’m just going to go with whatever opportunity presents itself and what I think fits best for me. I really haven’t seriously taken an interest in any schools yet. I’ll have a better idea in about two months because I’m taking the SATs in March and once districts are over and states I’ll have an idea of where I’ll be able to swim in college. Definitely, I want to go Division I, though.
You said you want to have dinner with Stanley Kubrick. Do you have a favorite movie? I love The Shining. That’s one of my favorite movies. I just can appreciate the amount of effort (Kubrick) puts into what he’s passionate about. That’s what I like most about him. I’m a big fan of Edgar Wright, too, and even Wes Anderson because they’re good at making visually appealing films.